As wine producers know very well, the quality of the wine and the quality of the grape in the vineyard go together. Therefore, the choice of the wine producing regions as well as the vine varieties was performed, aiming at high quality products that can express the region characteristics too. The terroir determination followed all the procedures that can guarantee full respect in the dynamic and the special qualities of each product.


Epanomi is an area S.E. of Thessaloniki in a 30 km distance. The coordinates are 22° .54`05“ and 40° .23`06“ N.
The area is famed for its tradition in wine and tsipouro production. The mild winter and the cool summer of the area, create the ideal ecosystem for vine cultivation.
The sligthly sloppy and drained fields of Epanomi are reckoned to be the most suitable for viticulture.
The beneficial effect of sea dew, plays a very important role, preventing the quick ripening of the grapes, conveying at the same time to the fruit, the ultimate taste expression of the variety.

From the region of Epanomi, two dark rich red wines are produced, “Syrah” and “Syrah-Malagouzia”